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Activities and Services

The Firm of Notary Cesare Gattoni, based in Milan with a secondary office in Codogno (LO) collaborates with graduated in law and employees with extensive experience in all major sectors of notarial, to guarantee  efficiency and safety in the investigation practices and the obligations consequent to the completion of the acts. The Firm can deal with foreign customers, thanks to the possibility to work in English and German.The Firm operates in the following sectors:

Thanks to the studies and academic specialization of Notary Cesare Gattoni, the Firm can assist Italian and foreign companies in all stages of their business life, starting from their constitution through investigation of the clauses of the statutes, to the extraordinary transactions (transformations, mergers after laveraged buy-out, divisions and contributions). In the field of banking law the Firm deals with loans to individuals and businesses, with particular reference to mortgage financing, and to the restructuring of debts of enterprises.
The Firm provides assistance in the field of real estate transactions, favoring active intervention at the preliminary negotiations stage, conducting legal cadastral reconnaissance and mortgage and preparation of preliminary sales and a subsequent action that allows the parties to identify the best solution referring to all the aspects of the operations of real estate transfer (fiscal and civil). The Firm provides ongoing assistance to major real estate companies and asset management of real estate fund management and use of external professionals for the technical aspects related to land records, planning and relevant to energy certification of buildings.
The Firm provides assistance and support to the generational shift, even enterprise, identifying the best solutions in fiscal and civil law for the goods' shift and it is responsible for the preparation and presentation (also following the publication of wills) declarations of succession, taking care of every fulfillment connected and any consequent hereditary divisions.
The Firm supports the third sector, providing assistance to the founders in order to choose the model that best fits the activity to be exercised, and providing advice on the following statutory changes. The Firm lends its assistance to the authorities with reference to the achievement of the legacies arranged for them, taking care of all the formalities and consequent earlier.

The notary indicates, in this section, divided by type of act, the main documents required for more frequent notarial acts, with the specification that the requested documents are then verified in relation to the specific act.